Back In Time

I can only assume that these young women in the Triangle Factory Fire could only feel both betrayal and disappointment due to our country’s highly uncaring and selfish labor laws in the early nineteen – hundreds. At such a young age these women are pushed into working a job that treats and pays them only a few degrees higher than a former slave. One of the testimonies from a young girl named Ida Kornweizer shared that her employer willingly knew she was too young to work, for she would be constantly hidden anytime an inspector would do their required routine check-ups at the factory. It is really shameful to know that people would rather follow their desires of greed, instead of simply allowing themselves to show compassion and not exploit the poor for their own personal gains. I found two things that I found extremely shocking reading many of these testimonies linked with what happened in the past in America, and a most recent and similar event in India. It came as a pure shock how little the survivor’s families in India and the witnesses for testifying in America were compensated for their pain and suffering. For the clothing factory in India, it is quite astonishing to know that this large supplier would only award $1200 per victim’s family, I just feel that a life should be worth much more than that, and these families should be given more to deal with the emotional and financial offsets they would deal with losing a potential bread winner in the family. As for the testimonies of these women in their trials due to the Triangle Factory Fire, being asked to both lie and only receive a measly amount of one dollar and fifthy cents to relieve a horrifying moment in your life, is downright criminal. The solution or simply a step towards improvement would be to make these headlines of tragic events be more focused in our media and education today. The fact that America has gain some improvement and labor laws over the past century or so, we must still recognize as one of the leading countries that there are still so many people across the globe who are currently going through these harsh working conditions. We must not forget that our great grandmothers, great aunts, etc. did in order to get the things we so envy and long for today. The important of learning about our history is to reflect and acknowledge what past mistakes were made, and taking into account that they could have just as been as easily resolved then, and can still be easily resolved now.


In American the rise and fall of slavery will always be one of our countries’ biggest tragedies and regretful moments of history. We hear more about the enslavement of African-Americans, but our country needs to do more to educate it’s people about the enslavement of our Indians, and other races as well that had occurred around the same time or even decades to centuries before. In the passage, “Oral History of Her Day as A Slave”, by Lucinda Davis. We learn what it was like for a young Indian slave during the civil war. In another article in comparison to the tribulations of Indian slavery we see what I believe to be a harsher version of slavery for this young black slave around the same time in the passage, but by a different author named Mary Reynolds. I instantly noticed how more socially acceptable it was for the young Indian slave growing up. This young girl was allowed to play and socialize with her master’s friends, family, and members of their community. For the young girl in Mary Reynold’s passage was not given that right as a black slave. She was constantly belittled for being born a “nigger” in the first place and her master loathed the fact of her playing with his young white daughter. We also see the differences where the housing of slaves occurred as well. Indian slaves were given a privilege to live in the same homes of their masters, or live on separate lands as a family as long as their master knew their whereabouts at all times. Black slaves had no choice to where they were to be placed; all slaves lived in rigid, cramped, and demeaning cabins or logs down near the plantations, where comfort was far from reality. Then the most striking difference was a significant resource for every human being, which is our food source. In the passage with the black girl speaking of her time as a slave, she openly shared how their food supply was simply little to none. For many African American slaves you simply settled for scraps the master would give you, and sometimes slaves could go for days without a simple meal that most take for granted. However, in the passage from Lucinda Davis, the young Indian slave shared a different experience. Her master allowed people to eat as much as they pleased, with plenty of choices that would make them full to their hearts desire, they food cooked by their masters was welcome for any and all in their community. Despite many differences, we know that slavery is nothing to look upon as being “better” or “envious” to anyone else when it comes to the limitations of one’s freedom. In the end of each passage, following the war these young girls grew up to become free woman, (although unfortunately blind) and lived to be able to share their experiences as well.

My avatar is a close resemblance to me completely from head to toe. Although, when I originally looked through all the options for avatars on that’s site, I ended up with her because I am a simple type of girl, who does not feel the need to dress to impress, or simply hide who I am for anyone. As an African-American woman with a common skin tone of “caramel” or “peanut butter” complexion it was nice to have an avatar already laid out for me to resemble a skin tone that I would have to usually mix or alter with on other avatar based games or programs (like how I did with every Sims game back in middle school). Moving onto certain things like her height and hair color, do differ from me however. As a short (precisely 5’1 to be exact) and curvy shaped female it was nice to just be in “awe” of what it would be like to have an ideal model type physique that many Americans seem to crave for. I chose to not change her body physique because I want my avatar to blend in with her peers and I like just finding something unique and different about her each chance I get to see her. But her color of clothing was no mistake. I choose the colors pink and black because they are my absolute favorite. I must admit if  I actually could figure out the, “change appearance” button I would probably change her into a smooth dark leather jacket (black of course), a hot pink neon tank top to go underneath, some super tight black leggings or jeans to show off her fantastic body, and then of course she would wear some complimentary hot pink high heels to go with it. (For I believe my avatar gives off a presence of elegance, where in real life I hardly ever dare to wear high heels, especially with short legs like mine)! But the colors pink and black are very important to my avatar’s appearance because I feel each and every color says something about a person. The color pink is neutral for mostly any season, and since it looks so warm and summery at the café I choose pink as well because it is simply a fun and delightful color for any warm climate. Then of course the color black shows a side of daring-ness and confidence, for most people tend to stay away from black if its particular warm out, but I am the complete opposite. I love how black can go with anything and it allows for my skin tone and hot pink shirt to capture any by passers view of me. Then finally we come to all things holy, the hair! I love my natural black hair, but ever since high school I wanted sandy colored hair so badly! Luckily for me, my avatar came with luscious, straight, and sandy brown hair ready to go! My avatar was chosen for her softness, familiarity, and elegance that I see in myself and how I hope others can see through me with her in my place as well.Image

Welcome all to my blog, a little late on my end…. I know! I hope that everyone finds my ideas and opinions to be both quarky & funny, as well as thought provoking and sincere all at the same time!